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Better Home Solutions LLC was formed as a service company that would truly provide a Better Home Solution for those wanting to sell their home.  Not only do we continue to focus on purchasing additional properties, but we have increased our skills to meet more needs in a wider variety of situations.  We consistently offer better solutions for homeowners facing bankruptcy or foreclosure.  We especially enjoy stopping foreclosure and saving a homeowner’s credit!  Better Home Solutions, LLC works with a network of investors and we can offer cash for a house in almost any situation that needs a quick sale. We can also negotiate short sales with lenders, structure many creative strategies for purchase, do extensive renovations, and offer down payment assistance for those who buy our homes.

In the past, we have been members of the Tri-Cities Apartment Association (TCAA) and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce. and are now members of the Better Business Bureau, CREIA, and several investing and capital groups nationwide.  We make every effort to stay informed on the changing laws concerning buying, building and selling real estate so that we are able to provide effective startegies for the people we deal with. It's imortant to us to stay within legal guidelines and act wisely in the present economy.  We do all of our closings with well established local real estate attorneys.

No matter what your questions or concerns might be concerning the sale of your property, we are here to talk with you.  We pride ourselves on being available to talk about a variety of options that you might be interested in and not just be trying to sell you on one way of doing things.  


Working with us at Better Home Solutions, YOU have choices!

Truly, there is no place like home! In spite of the increasing difficulty in obtaining mortgages in the traditional way, we can still enable individuals to be way ahead when it comes to the process of homeownership. Please follow our progress this year. We are committed to the Tri-Cities Community! To find out how you can play a part in this very rewarding endeavor, please call Sheryl at 423-302-0599 or email us at sheryltwitty@embarqmail.com.